Monday, August 15, 2011

Babacar's Recycled Art -- Tin Can Style!

Recycled Art: Tin can art by Babacar and his brothers

Even the trucks are loaded up ridiculously high--just like the actual ones on the road
that I find myself saying a prayer every time I pass that they won't topple over on me

Amazingly creative, isn't it?  Especially when you realize that it was once soda cans

I admit: I have a fanta, coca-cola, and a tomato can tray

recycling at its finest: nothing is wasted
that kettle on the floor can be found in every Senegalese household

Santa Claus!  Behind him is a sous-verre painting
(Or Senegalese glass painting)

Babacar came from Mali and opened up a little studio near Soumbédioune
He's been so successful supplying boutiques around Dakar that
he's just opened up this little shop next door
I suspect my patronage over the years has played a part :)

car rapides, VW Beetles, scooters, planes!

15 December 2013 update:
I've just learned that Babacar has his own website showcasing his lovely art.
Check it out here!
It even has photos of his new studio, completed just prior to my departure from Dakar.
(Thanks, Matthias, for letting me know!)

18 July 2012 update:
Babacar's been featured on a segment by the BBC!
So excited that this hidden gem of Dakar is getting his due--
Check his interview out here.


  1. Love this! I wonder though how that kettle makes it from house to house and whether the drummer actually drums?

  2. So cool! Great photos. Love these.

  3. Interesting website. Keep blogging!

  4. Thanks for sharing this post. Hands-on 3rd in Los Angeles, California is also doing recycled art and they’ve got some very nice pieces too. Just recently they held an event with GreenopolisTV. Check out this video, it’s related to your post.

  5. look at Babacars Site:


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