Monday, April 29, 2013

Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge

 photo 11ChiloLodge-tiaphotoblog_zps3799ad0a.jpg
During a trip to Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe, on the Mozambique-South Africa border, I visited Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge.
This is the stunning view from my room.

 photo 12ChiloLodge-tiaphotoblog_zps46fda25c.jpg
and voila!  My room.

Chilo Gorge Lodge photo 13ChiloLodge-tiaphotoblog_zps88bbdf00.jpg
I loved, loved, loved the lodge's stairs.

Chilo Gorge Lodge photo 14ChiloLodge-tiaphotoblog_zpsc0a888c1.jpg
The pool.

 photo 15ChiloLodge-tiaphotoblog_zpscfd403dc.jpg
Another guest relaxing.

 photo 16ChiloLodge-tiaphotoblog_zpsabd036e6.jpg
Chilo Gorge was so incredibly relaxing.

Chilo Gorge Lodge photo 17ChiloLodge-tiaphotoblog_zpsa750eecf.jpg
And the lodge was beautiful.

 photo 18ChiloLodge-tiaphotoblog_zps80d3df78.jpg
Aren't the wall baskets lovely?

 photo 19ChiloLodge-tiaphotoblog_zpse4ca0c28.jpg

 photo 191ChiloLodge-tiaphotoblog_zps4f6d0da9.jpg
The view of the Save River.

 photo 192ChiloLodge-tiaphotoblog_zpsf222652b.jpg

For more information on the Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Playing Around (an ode to the Elephants)

 photo 11PlayingAround-tiaphotoblog_zpsea1b7701.jpg
While visiting Mana Pools National Park in northern Zimbabwe, I met this fellow.

 photo 12PlayingAround1-tiaphotoblog_zpscd0d7c9d.jpg
And boy was he hilarious!  He was rolling around in the mud, cooling off and just so endearing.

 photo 13PlayingAround-tiaphotoblog_zps47e3eeb3.jpg
It's almost like he's showing a little attitude!

 photo 14PlayingAround-tiaphotoblog_zps9641dd94.jpg
While readers of the blog know I have a love of elephants, it's impossible not to heart them when they just face plant in the mud and roll around oblivious to the world.

 photo 15Elephant-tiaphotoblog_zps820b2ed1.jpg

 photo 16Elephant-tiaphotoblog_zps36446ddc.jpg

 photo 17Elephant-tiaphotoblog_zps0346fdb3.jpg

Here's a bit of cooling off at the Kanga Camp in Mana Pools:

 photo 18Elephant-tiaphotoblog_zps4b457087.jpg
A lot of elephants in Zimbabwe, while drinking, rock their front leg back and forth.

 photo 19Elephant-tiaphotoblog_zps7b9dd1d9.jpg

Kanga's beautiful elephants (listen to those birds!!)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Snapshots from the Zimbabwe roads...

 photo 31APdog-tiaphotoblog.jpg
While visiting Antelope Park near Gweru, Zimbabwe, this dog kept watch.

 photo 32APexit-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Leaving Antelope Park we managed to get stuck in this rainy season puddle.
See the paved road ahead?  Oh it was a tease..and quite embarrassing to fail so close to the road.

 photo 33KweKwe-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Kwekwe's welcome sign.  You may recognize Kwekwe if you are a watcher of The Colbert Report.
Stephen Colbert did a segment on Zimbabwe (Watch the spot here.)

 photo 34AirZimMuseum-tiaphotoblog.jpg
The Air Zimbabwe museum...or if it's not a museum, it should be.  The airline's gone under way too many times. 

 photo 35Mosque-tiaphotoblog.jpg
A mosque in Zimbabwe.  You don't see them remotely as much as you did in Senegal.

 photo 36RailLights-tiaphotoblog.jpg
For some reason whenever I see the lights not working signs (and naturally they aren't working ever), 
I usually find it to be the funniest thing ever.

 photo 37Snaps-tiaphotoblog.jpg
A street side market somewhere in Zimbabwe during the rainy season.

 photo 38RainClouds-tiaphotoblog.jpg
A storm's a coming!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Snapshots from Botswana

 photo 41ChobeGiraffe-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Chobe National Park, Botswana, may be one of the loveliest places I've been on safari.

 photo 42ChobeGiraffe-tiaphotoblog.jpg
After taking a river safari on the Chobe River, you can take land safaris and see surreal images like this one of a giraffe.

 photo 43ChobeBaboon-tiaphotoblog.jpg
A Chobe baboon.

 photo 44ChobeSable-tiaphotoblog.jpg
The first time I've sighted a sable!
Unfortunately sables are becoming more and more rare in southern Africa.

 photo 45ChobeElephants-tiaphotoblog.jpg
An elephant leads her baby elephant toward the Chobe River.

 photo 46Elephant-tiaphotoblog.jpg

 photo 47ElephantCharge-tiaphotoblog.jpg
This elephant charged us.  It was the first time I've experienced a charge (but not the last time I have!)
and let me tell you, your heart can drop straight through your feet in no time flat!

Monday, April 15, 2013 did I forget this?

I accidentally forgot to include this video.  I thought it was too lovely not to share:

Friday, April 12, 2013

I was not the lion, but it fell to me to give the lion's roar.

 photo 21LionCubs-tiaphotoblog_zps6ad0248b.jpg
While on safari in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe,

 photo 22LionCubs-tiaphotoblog_zps4e76ed15.jpg
we came across these adorable lion cubs.

 photo 23LionCubs-tiaphotoblog_zpsdbc963e1.jpg
Just like [human] siblings, they were playing with each other...
although a bit more feisty than most [human] parents would like!

 photo 24LionCubs-tiaphotoblog_zps905ca03d.jpg
I am obsessed.  SO cute.

 photo 25LionCubs-tiaphotoblog_zps3a99aa21.jpg

 photo 26LionsCubsDad-tiaphotoblog_zps81485201.jpg
A male lion and one of the cubs.

 photo 27LionYawn-tiaphotoblog_zps89b1e6b2.jpg
A lioness.

 photo 28LionPride-tiaphotoblog_zpsd55b5c7d.jpg
The pride.

 photo 29LionPride-tiaphotoblog_zps6c09e932.jpg
I love, love, love this cub's expression.
He was playing with the male and just looks like he's having fun.

 photo 291LionCubPlaying-tiaphotoblog_zps5a02dde2.jpg
A cub playing with a tree.

 photo 292LionCubs-tiaphotoblog_zps47ee86f4.jpg
Easy to forget they will grow up to be deadly killers!

What is with the blog's title?  It's from Winston Churchill.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A swimming parade of Botswana!

 photo 11ElepCross-tiaphotoblog.jpg
While in the beautiful Chobe National Park in Botswana,

 photo 12ElepCross-tiaphotoblog.jpg
a Chobe River safari brought me to this wonderful moment:

 photo 13ElepCross-tiaphotoblog.jpg
A small herd of elephants crossing the Chobe River.

 photo 14ElepCross-tiaphotoblog.jpg
It was so amazing to watch the elephants cross the river.

Here's a peek:

 photo 15ElepCross-tiaphotoblog.jpg
The most breath taking part?  The way they help each other cross.

Part two of the crossing:

 photo 16ElepCross-tiaphotoblog.jpg
The elephants linked their trunks to tails and at times rested on the other elephants.

 photo 17ElepCross-tiaphotoblog.jpg
How beautiful are they?

Here they are coming out of the river:

 photo 18ElepCross-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Living in southern Africa has reaffirmed my love of elephants.  There really is no animal like them.

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