Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Zimbabwe Billboard Smorgasbord

 photo 41Billboards-tiaphotoblog_zps61781636.jpg
A man changes a billboard in Harare, Zimbabwe, for Spar Grocery Stores.

 photo 42Billboards-tiaphotoblog_zpsb597a49c.jpg
Every time I drive past this Nando's ad, it makes me smile.
Although, it's hardly as controversial as a previous ad by the South African chain.
The massive overreaction to this ad had people threatening Nandos workers in Zimbabwe resulting in Nandos pulling the ad in Zim.
Here's the ad:

 photo 43BillboardsinRoutetoVicFals-tiaphotoblog_zps31a42b56.jpg
Zimbabwe is heading into election season.
This billboard was by the Constitutional Select Committee (COPAC) promoting the 16 March 2013 referendum vote on a new constitution.

 photo 44Billboards-tiaphotoblog_zps92e86e17.jpg
There's a ridiculously large amount of ads for celebrity fragrances.  It feels really random. I suspect that
Usher, Justin Timberlake, Julia Roberts, etc., etc., have no idea they are flashed across Harare!

 photo 45BillboardsAirportAirZim-tiaphotoblog_zps84f17248.jpg
Air Zimbabwe, Zim's national airline, has gone under a few times, is trying to make a come back.
It's flying a few routes but millions and millions under, still fighting its struggle against financial troubles.

 photo 46BillboardElectionsMutare-tiaphotoblog_zps41dce87f.jpg
A billboard somewhere between Harare and Victoria Falls.
It seems a bit one sided in its target audience for the upcoming general elections....

 photo 47BillboardElectionsMutare-tiaphotoblog_zps817e5d6d.jpg
Maybe this billboard was trying to make up for the previous billboard's clear gender bias?
(Translation of the Shona: Wives! Champion peace!!)
So, basically, men must vote and wives are relegated to championing peace,
vice being encouraged to participate also in the political process.
Peace and free and fair elections are everyone's responsibility and right.

 photo 48BillboardELECTIONday-tiaphotoblog_zps8f0c192c.jpg

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Last Resort: Drifters Backpackers Lodge

Drifters photo 11Drifters-tiaphotoblog_zps4be18a78.jpg
En route back to Harare from a lovely visit to Zimbabwe's Chimanimani Mountains, we stopped at Drifters.
(This is the view from the Rogers' home.)

Drifters photo 12Drifters-tiaphotoblog_zpsc689f674.jpg
Drifters is a backpackers' lodge, the focal point of the Douglas Rogers memoir The Last Resort.

Drifters photo 13Drifters-tiaphotoblog_zps40cc8d3d.jpg
Rogers writes of his parents' experiences running Drifters as white Zimbabweans during the more tumultuous years of Zimbabwe history and how they adapt and fight to survive in the land they love.

Drifters photo 14Drifters-tiaphotoblog_zpscf313b96.jpg
Isn't it a lovely spot, tucked away near to Mutare?

Drifters photo 15Drifters-tiaphotoblog_zps946289d1.jpg
The Last Resort is one of the better memoirs I've read on Zimbabwe.  It takes a heavy topic, the violence of the 2008 elections, the land grabs and harassment of white Zimbabweans, and the daily struggle for all Zimbabweans to survive during its astronomically failed economy, and touches it both with humor and insight.

 photo 16Drifters-tiaphotoblog_zps10fa6280.jpg

Drifters photo 17Drifters-tiaphotoblog_zps9379ddc2.jpg
The bar which plays a prominent role in the memoir.

Drifters photo 18Drifters-tiaphotoblog_zps11f89abf.jpg
Would certainly recommend the memoir and it was so interesting to see Drifters after having read it.

Drifters photo 19Drifters-tiaphotoblog_zps4dbd17a2.jpg
These buildings had been erected by construction crews working on the roads nearby.  They were already months over their stay and the Rogers suspected no payment was in sight.

Drifters photo 191Drifters-tiaphotoblog_zps51c0aff9.jpg
It was interesting to meet Lyn and Ros Rogers and to see how humorously their son had captured them in the book.

Romeo's Meat Market photo 192Drifters-tiaphotoblog_zps413f3343.jpg
Romeo---read the book to learn who he is!---opened this nearby butchery, Romeo's Meat Market.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chimanimani's Bridal Veil Falls

 photo 31BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zps61d2d61d.jpg
After this lovely hike (including a visit from a tarantula!!), we came to Bridal Veil Falls.

 photo 32BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zpsa3b7f332.jpg
The falls are in the hills six kilometers outside the Chimanimani village in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.

 photo 33BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zps52a92906.jpg
Our winter visit meant cold, cold crystal clear water.

 photo 34BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zpsd5293ceb.jpg
A serene reminder of the beauty tucked into all of Africa's corners.

 photo 35BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zps2e63d7bc.jpg
The falls' clear pool.

 photo 36BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zpsefdb3c07.jpg
Chimanimani is one of the beautiful spots in Zimbabwe,
so different than what most think Africa 'should' look like.

 photo 37BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zpsfaf60e82.jpg

 photo 38BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zps6cb2ef6c.jpg
Just beautiful.

 photo 39BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zps08844994.jpg
The falls were named for its resemblance at rainy season to a bride's veil.
So different from the last waterfall (Victoria Falls!!) I visited in Zimbabwe.
So different from the last hike I took to a waterfall in Chimanimani.

 photo 391-tiaphotoblog_zps87d4bba4.jpg

 photo 392-tiaphotoblog_zps1111c003.jpg
The hike into the Chimanimani Park and up to the falls is well worth the effort-- and it's a relatively easy hike.

 photo 393-tiaphotoblog_zps69729dfb.jpg

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Return to the Eastern Highlands

 photo 21BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zps770e19a9.jpg
Recently I returned to the lovely Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.
Wouldn't you just love to have this view?

 photo 22BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zps3c39ebc0.jpg
While (re)visiting the cozy Frog and Fern Cottages, we hiked into Chimanimani once again.

 photo 23BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zps4a6ab8f2.jpg
The Chimanimani Mountains are just so stunning and form part of the boundary between Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

 photo 24BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zpscadca04c.jpg
We may have paused in our beautiful hike to freak out at THIS exact point. 
Um, seriously, a tarantula crossing the path? Holy moly, freak out!

 photo 25BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zps76f51371.jpg
Here's another shot of the guy. Definitely do not like spiders, definitely do not like large, dangerous, hairy ones...

 photo 26BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zpsb5c2aca4.jpg
We hiked up toward Bridal Veil Falls and the scenery was just so lovely.

 photo 27BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zpsa24b32f4.jpg
Reaching the falls area.

 photo 28BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zps1c59befe.jpg
Sneak peek of the next post: the Bridal Veils Falls!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Chilojo Cliffs

Chilojo Cliffs photo 51ChilojoCliffs-tiaphotoblog_zps1fd3861e.jpg
The Chilojo Cliffs in Gonarezhou National Park just take your breath away.

 photo 52ChilojoCliffs-tiaphotoblog_zps4fa9cfa0.jpg
The cliffs rise 558 feet from the south bank of the Runde River.

 photo 53ChilojoCliffs-tiaphotoblog_zpsfcf4dfae.jpg
Due to visiting this corner of Zimbabwe after the rainy season ended, there are only hints of the Runde River.

 photo 54ChilojoCliffs-tiaphotoblog_zps6e219179.jpg
The cliffs are red sandstone and just stunning.

 photo 55ChilojoCliffs-tiaphotoblog_zpsc65d4dab.jpg
The trip to visit Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge was well worth it for these cliffs alone!

 photo 56ChilojoCliffs-tiaphotoblog_zps8eaf2ac2.jpg
Gonarezhou National Park is part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park
(with South Africa's Kruger and Mozambique's Gaza).

Friday, June 7, 2013

A River Runs Through Gonarezhou

 photo 21SaveRiver-tiaphotoblog_zps8381837c.jpg
Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe is dominated by the lovely Save River.

 photo 22SaveRiver-tiaphotoblog_zpsd99ccd77.jpg
Aren't these clouds beautiful?  Zimbabwe continues to astound me with some of the most wonderful clouds I've ever seen.

The Save River photo 23SaveRiver-tiaphotoblog_zpsbcb5b809.jpg
The sun setting over the Save River.

 photo 24SaveRiver-tiaphotoblog_zpsdf11b664.jpg
Sneaking in a view of the Runde River from Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge.

 photo 25RundeRiver-tiaphotoblog_zps96dd2331.jpg
The Save River in Gonarezhou.

The Save River photo 26SaveRiver-tiaphotoblog_zps5d041d15.jpg
The remnants of the rainy season can be seen in the river bed.

 photo 27SaveRiver-tiaphotoblog_zpsc8575bb5.jpg
Each day we were in Gonarezhou, we could visibly see the water lowering as we entered the dry season.

 photo 28SaveRiver-tiaphotoblog_zps71eee3ae.jpg
Oh, be still my heart, how I love Zimbabwe's clouds.

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