Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chimanimani's Bridal Veil Falls

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After this lovely hike (including a visit from a tarantula!!), we came to Bridal Veil Falls.

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The falls are in the hills six kilometers outside the Chimanimani village in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.

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Our winter visit meant cold, cold crystal clear water.

 photo 34BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zpsd5293ceb.jpg
A serene reminder of the beauty tucked into all of Africa's corners.

 photo 35BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zps2e63d7bc.jpg
The falls' clear pool.

 photo 36BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zpsefdb3c07.jpg
Chimanimani is one of the beautiful spots in Zimbabwe,
so different than what most think Africa 'should' look like.

 photo 37BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zpsfaf60e82.jpg

 photo 38BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zps6cb2ef6c.jpg
Just beautiful.

 photo 39BridalVeilFalls-tiaphotoblog_zps08844994.jpg
The falls were named for its resemblance at rainy season to a bride's veil.
So different from the last waterfall (Victoria Falls!!) I visited in Zimbabwe.
So different from the last hike I took to a waterfall in Chimanimani.

 photo 391-tiaphotoblog_zps87d4bba4.jpg

 photo 392-tiaphotoblog_zps1111c003.jpg
The hike into the Chimanimani Park and up to the falls is well worth the effort-- and it's a relatively easy hike.

 photo 393-tiaphotoblog_zps69729dfb.jpg

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