Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Return to the Eastern Highlands

 photo 21BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zps770e19a9.jpg
Recently I returned to the lovely Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.
Wouldn't you just love to have this view?

 photo 22BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zps3c39ebc0.jpg
While (re)visiting the cozy Frog and Fern Cottages, we hiked into Chimanimani once again.

 photo 23BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zps4a6ab8f2.jpg
The Chimanimani Mountains are just so stunning and form part of the boundary between Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

 photo 24BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zpscadca04c.jpg
We may have paused in our beautiful hike to freak out at THIS exact point. 
Um, seriously, a tarantula crossing the path? Holy moly, freak out!

 photo 25BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zps76f51371.jpg
Here's another shot of the guy. Definitely do not like spiders, definitely do not like large, dangerous, hairy ones...

 photo 26BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zpsb5c2aca4.jpg
We hiked up toward Bridal Veil Falls and the scenery was just so lovely.

 photo 27BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zpsa24b32f4.jpg
Reaching the falls area.

 photo 28BVFHike-tiaphotoblog_zps1c59befe.jpg
Sneak peek of the next post: the Bridal Veils Falls!

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