Favorite Posts

Over the years, I've been blessed to travel a lot, live in Africa, and experience a sliver of this great world.  Here are my top favorite posts that I've been so lucky to capture for this blog (in no particular order):

1.  I love, love, love, love lighthouses and Senegal has its share (two in Dakar, one with its own shipwreck!), but it was this lighthouse in Gandiol that brought a smile of pure delight to my face.

2. I fell in love with Peleș Castle, with the snow capped mountains enveloping it, the crisp Transylvania air, and the aura of the Dracula legend lurking in the background.  I left Transylvania thinking Romania was stunning and my camera couldn't capture half of its beauty. 

3. Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks is by far, hands down, no second thoughts, the most wonderful place I have ever visited.  It was here I realized I was made to love mountains (and yet, lived in flat Senegal) and that the American cowboy is a wonderful gift to the world.  If you are given the chance to visit these parks, go, go, GO. Do not hesitate.  In fact, go buy a ticket right now.  It is a testament to why this world is a wonderful place.  And because one post is not enough, here's the rest of the trip's photos.

4. Saint-Louis, Senegal's city on the border with Mauritania, is beautiful with its old architecture, island quirkiness, and peaceful character.  During my last visit there, this was my favorite photograph from the trip.

5. When I think of Dakar, I always think of recycled artwork and the ingeniousness of the Senegalese.  I've watched them make this art and I still wonder how they do it so incredibly well.  If tin can art isn't for you, don't be fooled: Senegal's art world is thriving.

6. After living for several years in Senegal, I was blessed enough to experience and see a lot of fantastic things.  Here's my favorite photographs out of thousands I took.

7. I've been lucky and blessed to visit Victoria Falls several times---one of the natural wonders of the world and beyond stunning.  My favorite visit was to see the lunar rainbow and then at dawn when the sun rose behind the wall of mist.  My hearts leaps with joy thinking of how beyond description the experience was.

8. Zimbabwe is full of absolutely wonderful experiences.  I celebrated my birthday (a big one, although I'm not admitted which big one it was!) by walking with lions and celebrated this past Christmas by riding elephants!

9. I saw the Indian Ocean for the first time and realized that the coast of Mozambique made me miss Dakar.

10. Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula in South Africa is one of my favorite places in the world.  You must go, actually you must go now.  It has stunning cliffs, the Cape of Good Hope, amazing oceans, Table Mountain, penguins, wine country, and fantastic food.

11. I would not call this post my favorite but it was certainly the most difficult to write and possibly the most important one I have ever written: A Difficult Topic: The Rwandan Genocide.

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