Monday, July 29, 2013

Take My Breath Away: The Victoria Falls Sun Rise and Lunar Rainbow Edition

 photo 71VicFallsSunRise-tiaphotoblog_zps65ece648.jpg
Recently I visited Victoria Falls to watch the sun rise.

 photo 72VicFallsSunRise-tiaphotoblog_zpsc9b3f9df.jpg
Zimbabwe's Natural Wonder of the world did not disappoint.
It always leaves me in awe.

 photo 73VicFallsSunRise-tiaphotoblog_zpsc925e3b1.jpg
The sun rose slowly behind the water, changing the mist from a deep, dark black,

 photo 74VicFallsSunRise-tiaphotoblog_zps2edd4e26.jpg
to a cloud of white mist

 photo 75VicFallsSunRise-tiaphotoblog_zpse510ab5b.jpg
that began to light up the sky in shades of pink, white, orange, and black.

 photo 76VicFallsSunRise-tiaphotoblog_zpsaba9d6ed.jpg
At 0600, there is no one in the park. It's amazing to have one of the world's most beautiful places to yourself.

 photo 77VicFallsSunRise-tiaphotoblog_zpsbe6a985a.jpg
The mist from the Falls.

 photo 78VicFallsSunRise-tiaphotoblog_zps2922e44a.jpg
The sun trying to emerge.

 photo 79VicFallsSunRise-tiaphotoblog_zpsccc450c3.jpg
Then BAM! It's like a blast of colors that are stunning from the sun rising on the Zambian side,
enveloped in mist when viewed from Zimbabwe.

 photo 791VicFallsSunRise-tiaphotoblog_zps071bfcff.jpg
Amazing, just amazing.  No photo I've seen ever captures the wonder of the Falls.
See that? That's the sun.  That's right, a huge massive African sun and that's all you see through a wall of mist.

 photo 792VicFallsLunarRainbow-tiaphotoblog_zpsa814d956.jpg
One of the few places in the world where lunar rainbows exist: Victoria Falls at full moon.
Here's a photo of the 'super moon'...all I have is my memory of the lunar rainbow (no photos!):
one of the most stunning experiences of my life, to see double rainbows at night, illuminated by the moon,
falling gracefully over the falls while the water seemed to glow.

Here's an idea of what the lunar rainbow looks like:
Photo credit.

Go, go, go, if you ever have the chance.  Go at dawn; go at a full moon. Just go.

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