Friday, July 26, 2013

The birds of Hwange (an ode to JRS)

 photo 31HwangeYellowHornbill-tiaphotoblog_zps468822aa.jpg
While on safari in Hwange National Park, we saw many beautiful birds.

 photo 32HwangeImpala-tiaphotoblog_zpsa87d3f52.jpg
And of course impalas. Many impalas.  Seriously, impalas are everywhere.
But yet, they are still so beautiful.

 photo 33HwangeZebra-tiaphotoblog_zps2ec1e1ab.jpg
Why, hello, zebra!

 photo 34HwangeInFlight-tiaphotoblog_zps80fa322b.jpg
I've never paid so much attention to birds on a safari before.

 photo 35HwangeYellowHornbill-tiaphotoblog_zpsbb26e71f.jpg
Probably because I find them boring, I want to see an elephant...always!

 photo 36HwangeYellowHornbill-tiaphotoblog_zps2f1fe1b0.jpg
But isn't he a stunner? A yellow billed hornbill.
(I blame my companion for all these bird photos, apparently we learned he loves to watch birds.)

 photo 37HwangeZebra-tiaphotoblog_zpsbe0660dc.jpg
What a beautiful animal.

 photo 38HwangeZebra-tiaphotoblog_zpsa7cfc36e.jpg
One shot of this guy wasn't enough. Zimbabwe never disappoints.

 photo 39HwangeHideWildebeest-tiaphotoblog_zpsc413bb8c.jpg
Wildebeest coming to drink at the pan at The Hide.

 photo 391HwangeWildebeest-tiaphotoblog_zps8d1906b6.jpg
Why, hello, wildebeest!  It's amazing how awesome and ugly they are at the same time.

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