Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Zimbabwe Billboard Smorgasbord

 photo 41Billboards-tiaphotoblog_zps61781636.jpg
A man changes a billboard in Harare, Zimbabwe, for Spar Grocery Stores.

 photo 42Billboards-tiaphotoblog_zpsb597a49c.jpg
Every time I drive past this Nando's ad, it makes me smile.
Although, it's hardly as controversial as a previous ad by the South African chain.
The massive overreaction to this ad had people threatening Nandos workers in Zimbabwe resulting in Nandos pulling the ad in Zim.
Here's the ad:

 photo 43BillboardsinRoutetoVicFals-tiaphotoblog_zps31a42b56.jpg
Zimbabwe is heading into election season.
This billboard was by the Constitutional Select Committee (COPAC) promoting the 16 March 2013 referendum vote on a new constitution.

 photo 44Billboards-tiaphotoblog_zps92e86e17.jpg
There's a ridiculously large amount of ads for celebrity fragrances.  It feels really random. I suspect that
Usher, Justin Timberlake, Julia Roberts, etc., etc., have no idea they are flashed across Harare!

 photo 45BillboardsAirportAirZim-tiaphotoblog_zps84f17248.jpg
Air Zimbabwe, Zim's national airline, has gone under a few times, is trying to make a come back.
It's flying a few routes but millions and millions under, still fighting its struggle against financial troubles.

 photo 46BillboardElectionsMutare-tiaphotoblog_zps41dce87f.jpg
A billboard somewhere between Harare and Victoria Falls.
It seems a bit one sided in its target audience for the upcoming general elections....

 photo 47BillboardElectionsMutare-tiaphotoblog_zps817e5d6d.jpg
Maybe this billboard was trying to make up for the previous billboard's clear gender bias?
(Translation of the Shona: Wives! Champion peace!!)
So, basically, men must vote and wives are relegated to championing peace,
vice being encouraged to participate also in the political process.
Peace and free and fair elections are everyone's responsibility and right.

 photo 48BillboardELECTIONday-tiaphotoblog_zps8f0c192c.jpg

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