Thursday, April 25, 2013

Playing Around (an ode to the Elephants)

 photo 11PlayingAround-tiaphotoblog_zpsea1b7701.jpg
While visiting Mana Pools National Park in northern Zimbabwe, I met this fellow.

 photo 12PlayingAround1-tiaphotoblog_zpscd0d7c9d.jpg
And boy was he hilarious!  He was rolling around in the mud, cooling off and just so endearing.

 photo 13PlayingAround-tiaphotoblog_zps47e3eeb3.jpg
It's almost like he's showing a little attitude!

 photo 14PlayingAround-tiaphotoblog_zps9641dd94.jpg
While readers of the blog know I have a love of elephants, it's impossible not to heart them when they just face plant in the mud and roll around oblivious to the world.

 photo 15Elephant-tiaphotoblog_zps820b2ed1.jpg

 photo 16Elephant-tiaphotoblog_zps36446ddc.jpg

 photo 17Elephant-tiaphotoblog_zps0346fdb3.jpg

Here's a bit of cooling off at the Kanga Camp in Mana Pools:

 photo 18Elephant-tiaphotoblog_zps4b457087.jpg
A lot of elephants in Zimbabwe, while drinking, rock their front leg back and forth.

 photo 19Elephant-tiaphotoblog_zps7b9dd1d9.jpg

Kanga's beautiful elephants (listen to those birds!!)

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