Friday, April 19, 2013

Snapshots from Botswana

 photo 41ChobeGiraffe-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Chobe National Park, Botswana, may be one of the loveliest places I've been on safari.

 photo 42ChobeGiraffe-tiaphotoblog.jpg
After taking a river safari on the Chobe River, you can take land safaris and see surreal images like this one of a giraffe.

 photo 43ChobeBaboon-tiaphotoblog.jpg
A Chobe baboon.

 photo 44ChobeSable-tiaphotoblog.jpg
The first time I've sighted a sable!
Unfortunately sables are becoming more and more rare in southern Africa.

 photo 45ChobeElephants-tiaphotoblog.jpg
An elephant leads her baby elephant toward the Chobe River.

 photo 46Elephant-tiaphotoblog.jpg

 photo 47ElephantCharge-tiaphotoblog.jpg
This elephant charged us.  It was the first time I've experienced a charge (but not the last time I have!)
and let me tell you, your heart can drop straight through your feet in no time flat!

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