Monday, April 1, 2013

A City of Stone

 photo 21GZ-tiaphotoblog.jpg
The Great Enclosure of Great Zimbabwe near Masvingo, Zimbabwe.

 photo 22GZ-tiaphotoblog.jpg
The walls of the Great Enclosure are as high as 36 feet (11 meters).  The height is overwhelming and awesome.

 photo 23GZ-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Inside the Great Enclosure is the Conical Tower.
If you look at the first photo above, the Conical Tower is just visible in the left corner of the enclosure.

 photo 24GZ-tiaphotoblog.jpg
The tower's purpose is unknown but there are some theories: representation of a grain bin, symbolizing
harvests and prosperity; a chief's residence; a court for the chief's wives; or a premarital initiation school (whatever that means...)

 photo 25GZ-tiaphotoblog.jpg
The Hill Complex as seen from just outside the Valley Complex.
For some photos of the Hill complex, go here.

 photo 26GZ-tiaphotoblog.jpg
How amazing is this?!! The Hill Complex blends so very perfectly into the landscape that if you didn't know there was an entire fortress and city at the top of this hill, you'd never know.  So very impressive.

Some more information on Great Zimbabwe: a really interesting article.

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