Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reminders of Slavery

Returned to Goree Island's La Maison des Esclaves [House of Slaves] 
to be sadly reminded of the horrors humans can inflict on other humans - Senegal

This cell, where "problem" slaves were punished, is too small to stand and just big enough for one; 
several people were punished in it at a time and often being put in the cell meant a certain death.

It's hard to believe this tiny, stunning island with its Mediterranean feel, 
held dozens of house specializing in selling humans to slave ships

The hand of Miriam in the Jewish world, the hand of Fatima in the Muslim world--
Providing protection from the evil eye to an island with a dark past
(Also called Hamsa; For more on Hamsa)

This is my attempt to balance out the heavy reminders of slavery with a photo
of the adorable goats playing right outside the House of Slaves

What is it about goats that is so adorable?  
The baby goats remind me of Rudolph from the Claymation Christmas special when they run

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