Saturday, March 23, 2013

A wanderlust into the snows of New England

Woodstock, Vermont photo 11WoodstockVermont-tiaphotoblog_zpsc6873bd9.jpg
I love Africa, but I love to travel, a lot.

Woodstock, Vermont photo 12VermontWoodstock-tiaphotoblog_zps181fbe5b.jpg
And some good old fashioned Americana recently appeased the wanderlust in me.

Woodstock, Vermont photo 13WoodstockVermont-tiaphotoblog_zps1ef8d972.jpg
A quick trip to New England to see a best friend who humored me, bringing me to Woodstock, Vermont.

Woodstock, Vermont photo 14Woodstock-tiaphotoblog_zps753e2aaf.jpg
Where it snowed the entire time we visited.  Those (lucky enough?) to know me, know one thing:
Christmas, winter, and snow bring me joy.  Maybe too much joy.  Think the joy of a five year old in a toy store.  That type of joy.

Woodstock, Vermont photo 15Woodstock-tiaphotoblog_zps0485c5d3.jpg
And best friend made it happen.  Gloriously in Vermont, complete with snow sculptures!

Woodstock, Vermont photo 16Woodstock-tiaphotoblog_zps5d378a89.jpg
Vermont is known for its covered bridges----in all my wandering, I'd actually never seen a covered bridge!

Hartland, Vermont photo 17Hartland-tiaphotoblog_zps744b3c4f.jpg
And then the icing on the cake: a beautiful snow covered tree with its Christmas lights still on it.
I think I may have spontaneously combusted from the combination of all things I love and can't find in Africa.

Woodstock, Vermont photo 18Woodstock-tiaphotoblog_zps60f8b03c.jpg
And how adorable is Woodstock?
National Geographic Magazine named Woodstock one of America's Most Picturesque Villages.

Woodstock, Vermont photo 19Woodstock-tiaphotoblog_zps97500927.jpg
It was the perfect solution to my wanderlust.  Thank you, friend.


  1. Boy, do those photos say "New England"!

  2. Wow, these photos are amazing, especially love the first one and last one.


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