Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Africa Wild Dogs - The Painted Edition!

 photo 31PaintedDog-tiaphotoblog_zps59fb5017.jpg
While in Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe, we were visited by a large pack of painted dogs!

 photo 32PaintedDog-tiaphotoblog_zps9e21eeb6.jpg
The painted dogs (aka African Wild Dogs aka Lycaon pictus) is an endangered species as their habitats are disappearing and poaching targets them.

Here they are standing at attention:

 photo 33PaintedDog-tiaphotoblog_zps1291241d.jpg
They were waiting for a member of the pact--here they are greeting the member.

Here's a glimpse of their greeting--it was so enthralling to watch, first they circled and circled the member in a cyclone then this:

 photo 34PaintedDog-tiaphotoblog_zpsfe131aa8.jpg
Aren't they just so beautiful and some how kind of ugly at the same time?
We were very lucky to get to see them!

For more information on the painted dogs, click here!

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