Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Imire Sable

 photo 41ImireSable-tiaphotoblog.jpg
While visiting Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe, we came across these beauties.

 photo 42ImireSable-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Sables, of the antelope family, are becoming rarer and rarer.

 photo 43ImireSable-tiaphotoblog.jpg
They are absolutely beautiful to watch, very regal.

 photo 44ImireSable-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Why, hello, sable!

 photo 45ImireZebra-tiaphotoblog.jpg
A zebra at Imire.

 photo 48ImireTree-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Zimbabwe is covered with just so many stunningly beautiful trees.

 photo 49ImireRide-tiaphotoblog.jpg
For some reason, our ride at Imire struck me as particularly hilarious.

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