Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Imire Elephant: Matriarch of the African Buffalos

 photo 31ImireElephants-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Some of the elephants at the Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe.

 photo 32ImireElephants-tiaphotoblog.jpg
One of the elephants eating.  It's amazing how powerful they are, taking down trees.

 photo 33ImireElephants-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Hi, elephant tush!

 photo 34ImireBabyElephant-tiaphotoblog.jpg
A baby elephant.  Still my favorite of all the animals, how can you not just love a baby elephant?

 photo 35ImireElephant-tiaphotoblog.jpg

 photo 36ImireElephant-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Imire has an elephant who is rather famous for her 'identity crisis.'

 photo 37ImireElephant-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Nzou is the matriarch of this herd of African Buffalo.  That's right, she's the head of a herd of African Buffalo.

 photo 38ImireElephant-tiaphotoblog.jpg
When Nzou first arrived at Imire, she was placed with a bull elephant within the only large herd Imire a had at the time---a buffalo herd.  By the time the bull elephant died, Nzou had immersed herself so completely within the buffalo herd that she became distressed when Imire tried to move her to the elephant herd they had obtained.  The buffalo also became visibly unsettled by her absence.

 photo 39ImireElephant-tiaphotoblog.jpg
When I visited, fourteen male African Buffalo had challenged Nzou for head of the herd over the past 30 years---she won every time.

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