Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wild is Life!

 photo 41WildisLife-tiaphotoblog_zps0e1b449c.jpg
Why, hello, Sweetpea the Kudu!
While visiting Wild is Life in Harare, Zimbabwe, we had afternoon tea with this lovely animal (she's partial to strawberries....)

 photo 42WildisLife-tiaphotoblog_zpsef8be5dc.jpg
How's this for a sign?? Probably best to keep your fingers away from lions...

Wild is Life rescues animals who have been orphaned (due to poaching), are ill, or who would otherwise have been killed.

 photo 43WildisLife-tiaphotoblog_zpsdaafc71c.jpg
This beauty promptly walked past..see? The sign has some good advice!
Wild is Life has several lions including one that is blind and one that is missing some teeth (making him unable to survive in the wild).

 photo 44WildisLife-tiaphotoblog_zps1ce1ecab.jpg
I instantly fell in love with the premises, so easy to get lost among its beauty.
So easy to forget you're in Harare.

 photo 45WildisLife-tiaphotoblog_zps8d1328e5.jpg
I couldn't resist a second shot, I mean, just look at those flowers!

 photo 46WildisLife-tiaphotoblog_zpsaaf24305.jpg
Mirabelle the Giraffe waiting for afternoon tea.

 photo 47WildisLife-tiaphotoblog_zps10c8cd48.jpg
A boat as a swinging seat? Emphatic yes please!

 photo 48WildisLife-tiaphotoblog_zps6c8be86c.jpg
Sweetpea the Kudu--aren't her stripes just lovely?

 photo 49WildisLife-tiaphotoblog_zps4a824ebc.jpg
Wild is Life has also rescued Levi and Diesel, the cheetahs, from poachers who killed their parents.

 photo 491WildisLife-tiaphotoblog_zps0e04ac7c.jpg

For more information on the work that Wild is Life is doing, please visit them here.

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