Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Academical Village (An Ode to Mr. Jefferson)

The University of Virginia's Rotunda and Lawn -- Charlottesville, Virginia, United States

The columns of the Rotunda.

View of the Lawn from the Rotunda.
The Academical Village, combined with Monticello, is one of only three modern man-made sites in the United States
on the UNESCO World Heritage preservation site. 
(The other two?  The Statue of Liberty and Independence Hall.)

American president Thomas Jefferson designed the Academical Village, with its Lawn, Rotunda, Pavillions, and student rooms, to be a place of learning.  UVA professors still live in the majority of the ten pavillions and the pavillions' classrooms are still used.

An UVA student walks across the Lawn towards the Lawn rooms and the rest of Grounds.  

Lawn rooms.  It is an honor for fourth year students at UVA to live on the Lawn.

The opposite side of the Rotunda with its statue of Thomas Jefferson.  The Rotunda was the University's original library.

Take a virtual tour of the Academical Village here.

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