Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mountain Gorilla Trekking: the Sabyinyo Family

 photo 41Gorilla-tiaphotoblog_zps4c44acad.jpg
After trekking into Volcanoes National Park, we came across the Sabyinyo Family of mountain gorillas.
How beautiful is this gorilla?! Those eyes are bright orange.

 photo 42Gorilla-tiaphotoblog_zps986694ac.jpg
I was amazed and just blown away by how human-like their expressions were.
I mean, seriously, how many men have many this look of sighing contentment during a nap?!

 photo 43Gorilla-tiaphotoblog_zps229d49d2.jpg
Rwanda's Sabyinyo Family has the world's largest Silverback. This isn't him. This is the smaller Silverback, how insane is that? He was ginormous.
Think hundreds of pounds in weight (!!!!!)

 photo 44Gorilla-tiaphotoblog_zps582bccdf.jpg
Here's insight into their size: our guide moving out of the way of one of the smaller mamas.  They are relatively peaceful, but if they want to display dominance, give them some serious respect.  A simply touch to your shoulder is enough to send you flying in the opposite direction.

 photo 45Gorilla-tiaphotoblog_zps45af4e06.jpg
First thought when I saw this guy: grumpy old man. Hehe.

 photo 46Gorilla-tiaphotoblog_zps776f9ec0.jpg
A peaceful nap.  This experience was amazing, almost spiritual, absolutely indescribable.

 photo 47Gorilla-tiaphotoblog_zps21ca6c3b.jpg
The hour you spend with the family flies by and you wonder where it's gone and how you were so enthralled and captivated for so long.

 photo 48Gorilla-tiaphotoblog_zps2389460e.jpg
The Sabyinyo Family was named after this volcano.  Sabyinyo means 'old man's teeth.'
The group has 16 gorillas---several females, juveniles, and children.

 photo 49Gorilla-tiaphotoblog_zps48c4baf2.jpg
I've seen my dad sleep with this same expression. So amazing. So creepy.

 photo 491Gorilla-tiaphotoblog_zps05606f56.jpg
A close up of the silverback's hair.

For more information on Volcanoes National Park.

For more information on mountain gorilla trekking.
(go, go, GO if you get the chance. I want to go back.)

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