Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rainbow Falls & Livingstone

 photo 31RainbowFalls-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Rainbow Falls in the dry season, as seen from Zimbabwe.

 photo 32RainbowFalls-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Rainbow Falls composes part of Victoria Falls and often, when you look down, the gorge has beautiful rainbows.

 photo 33LivingstoneStatue-tiaphotoblog.jpg
The statue to David Livingstone in Victoria Falls National Park, Zimbabwe.

 photo 34RainbowFalls-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Every photo I took of Zimbabwe, every photo, every painting I've seen of the Falls,
just doesn't do it remote justice.

 photo 35Zambia-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Victoria Falls (the white spray cloud) as seen from the Royal Livingstone Hotel in Livingstone, Zambia.

 photo 36Zambia-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Hello, giraffe!!
(in the parking lot of the Royal Livingstone!)

 photo 37Zambia-tiaphotoblog.jpg
What a serene spot at the Royal Livingstone.

 photo 38Zambia-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Hello, Zambia!  My first visit!

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