Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Snapshots from the River: The Chobe Crocodile!

 photo 11ChobeCroc-tiaphotoblog_zps58f0bbd2.jpg
The mighty crocodile of the Chobe River.

 photo 12ChobeCroc-tiaphotoblog_zps404a07b4.jpg
A crocodile suns itself in Botswana's Chobe National Park.

 photo 13ChobeCroc-tiaphotoblog_zps534bd685.jpg
I find crocodiles terrifying.  Can you blame me? I mean, look at those teeth!

 photo 14ChobeCroc-tiaphotoblog_zpscc232c0a.jpg
A river safari always reminds me to have a healthy fear of rivers in Africa!

 photo 15ChobeCroc-tiaphotoblog_zps75731603.jpg

 photo 16WaterLily-tiaphotoblog_zps63f53859.jpg
A water lily.

 photo 17ChobeRiver-tiaphotoblog_zps18bfd5f5.jpg
A herd of elephants drinking at the Chobe River.  Oh, Botswana, you always are so lovely.

 photo 18Waterbuck-tiaphotoblog_zps46a13e21.jpg

 photo 19ChobeRiver-tiaphotoblog_zpsa0bdafc9.jpg
The wonderful Chobe River.

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  1. Wow! These snapshots are lovely. I think it’s a hunted river which is the home of various crocodiles. From this photography it’s seen that the teeth of the crocodile are very sharp and looking like the small version of the teeth of elephant. But it’s the magic of the nature that in the same terrific river also several lilies are there and herd of elephants and dears are coming for drinking, grazing and refreshing purpose. These wonderful pics are taken from the Botswana National Parks


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