Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Chobe Smorgasbord of Animals!

 photo 21ChobeGiraffeEating-tiaphotoblog_zps9b3c9f20.jpg
Why, hello, giraffe!!

 photo 22ChobeGiraffe-tiaphotoblog_zpsb081a5e3.jpg
I love the attitude in this giraffe's look.
These beautiful animals are all over Botswana's Chobe National Park.

 photo 23ChobeGiraffe-tiaphotoblog_zps69899a7f.jpg
So stunningly beautiful!

 photo 24ChobeAFBuf-tiaphotoblog_zps28463f4c.jpg
An African buffalo in Chobe.

 photo 25ChobeAFBuf-tiaphotoblog_zps6ca8035c.jpg
An African buffalo cub.  How can an animal be so cute and ugly at the same time?

 photo 26ChobeAFBuf-tiaphotoblog_zpsb70eedcb.jpg
After rolling in the mud.

 photo 27ChobeRiverElephant-tiaphotoblog_zps8655fef5.jpg
Why, hello, you beautiful elephant, you!

 photo 28Hippo-tiaphotoblog_zps7b0f982e.jpg
A pod of hippos sunning along the Chobe River.

 photo 29Hippo-tiaphotoblog_zps824ee385.jpg
A hippo cooling in the grass.

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