Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stellenbosch - South Africa Wine Country: Waterford Estate

 photo 11WaterfordEstate-tiaphotoblog_zps5ff1dfcf.jpg
While on a trip to Cape Town, I visited South Africa's wine country: Stellenbosch!

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Our first stop was Waterford Estate.

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On a dreary, rainy southern African afternoon, the coziness and roaring fire was absolutely perfect.

 photo 14WaterfordEstate-tiaphotoblog_zpsd9f82ee1.jpg
The vineyard was filled with lovely little spots with bursts of color

 photo 15WaterfordEstate-tiaphotoblog_zps32b3da4d.jpg
and an old world feel to it.

 photo 16WaterfordEstate-tiaphotoblog_zpsb29c29e1.jpg
The estate was lined with beautiful orange groves.

 photo 17WaterfordEstate-tiaphotoblog_zpsb89bacbb.jpg
Such a burst of wonderful color on a dreary day.

 photo 18WaterfordEstate-tiaphotoblog_zpsd8260b1d.jpg
The wine was excellent, paired with amazing house chocolates such as rose geranium milk chocolate.

 photo 19WaterfordEstate-tiaphotoblog_zpsfceb06e8.jpg

 photo 191WaterfordEstate-tiaphotoblog_zps6f02629c.jpg

 photo 192WaterfordEstate-tiaphotoblog_zpsc1173aea.jpg

 photo 193WaterfordEstate-tiaphotoblog_zpsc57bbc74.jpg

 photo 194WaterfordEstate-tiaphotoblog_zpsaf1f2951.jpg
I already want to return to Cape Town (okay, okay, okay, I always want to return to Cape Town) and explore more of Stellenbosch.

 photo 195WaterfordEstate-tiaphotoblog_zps276c634f.jpg

 photo 196WaterfordEstate-tiaphotoblog_zps4b7ffd9e.jpg
Such a lovely change of pace from Zimbabwe.

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