Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Cape Town Waterfront

 photo 21CapeTownWaterFront-tiaphotoblog_zpsa7a38011.jpg
After visiting Stellenbosch in South Africa, we returned to lovely Cape Town.
Table Mountain as seen from the waterfront.

 photo 22CapeTownWaterFront-tiaphotoblog_zps4abfc3c7.jpg
Cape Town's waterfront is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll, something Harare's not really built for.

 photo 23CapeTownWaterFront-tiaphotoblog_zps1ab7f1b4.jpg
The waterfront's clock tower, such an old world charm and a reminder of Cape Town's strong sea-faring history.
Its bottom floor holds an old tidal-gauge mechanism to check tide levels.  I really like clock towers---it had been awhile since I had seen one here.

 photo 24CapeTownRobbenIsland-tiaphotoblog_zps28d73fb7.jpg
We tried to visit Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was in prison for decades but the weather was too choppy to take the ferry.
I'm always looking for an excuse to return to Cape Town---this may be it!

 photo 25RobbenIslandDakar-tiaphotoblog_zps229fb7ee.jpg
Oh! Dakar! How I thought of you immediately, what a strong sense of Senegal being worlds away.

 photo 26CapeTownClockTower-tiaphotoblog_zps02c52ed9.jpg

 photo 27Breakfasttable-tiaphotoblog_zpsba4e1e3e.jpg
I couldn't resist a few photos of Majeka House where we stayed in Stellenbosch--isn't the breakfast area just adorable? Love the blue.

 photo 28View-tiaphotoblog_zps18c0d028.jpg
The view from the breakfast nook.

 photo 29Ceiling-tiaphotoblog_zps8eecd3e7.jpg
Absolutely loved the ceiling in our room, a splash of fun color.

 photo 291Cactus-tiaphotoblog_zps5e8fbc4a.jpg

 photo 292Cactus-tiaphotoblog_zps97c2a068.jpg
The hotel was lined with cactus fences, I thought they were so ingenious.
(Side note: would completely recommend Majeka, it's small, beautiful, and just perfect tucked away in wine country.)

 photo 293CapeTownWaterFront-tiaphotoblog_zpsdf0f5752.jpg
One last shot of the waterfront!!  Then it's back to Zimbabwe....

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