Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Lake Kariba Smorgasbord

 photo 31LKBird-tiaphotoblog_zps88ce3932.jpg
While visiting the lovely Lake Kariba, we came upon this stunning bird.
He would hover like this before dive bombing for food. He was amazing to watch.

 photo 32FishEagle-tiaphotoblog_zps3c1b8025.jpg
An African Fish Eagle --- also Zimbabwe's national bird.

 photo 33FishEagle-tiaphotoblog_zps60166c6c.jpg
Isn't he just beautiful?

 photo 34BabyHippo-tiaphotoblog_zpsb8a00061.jpg
A baby hippo and its pod.

 photo 35LittleBird-tiaphotoblog_zps6cfcd94e.jpg
Lake Kariba was just awash with birds.

 photo 36Stork-tiaphotoblog_zps35a98aed.jpg

 photo 37Bird-tiaphotoblog_zps7e9eeb8d.jpg
This guy was on the hunt for food.

 photo 38BirdEatting-tiaphotoblog_zps6e4e26ac.jpg

Check out how incredibly graceful he was:

 photo 39Ele-tiaphotoblog_zps6d970fea.jpg
And what is an animal posting without my beloved elephants?

 photo 391Ele-tiaphotoblog_zpsc93f084d.jpg

 photo 392Hippo-tiaphotoblog_zpsc56ef4e7.jpg
Hello, hippo!

 photo 393Hipp-tiaphotoblog_zps0ef29447.jpg

 photo 394Hippo-tiaphotoblog_zpsc81d0430.jpg

 photo 395Hippo-tiaphotoblog_zps93dfb1da.jpg

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