Thursday, May 8, 2014

Favorites: the Wanderlust Edition

In honor of the conclusion of my time in Africa,
I've compiled a collection of my favorite photographs I've taken while wandering around this earth the past four years--
those wanderings that took me out of Africa (with the exception of the first photo...).

For my favorite photographs from my years in Zimbabwe: go here!

For my favorite photographs from my years in Senegal: go here!

For my favorite photographs of animals: go here!

 photo AlexandriaEgyptatSunset-tiaphotoblog_zps550f6106.jpg
The Harbor at Sunset - Alexandria, Egypt - Egypt: Selected Photos

 photo 211Toledo31MonasteriodeSanJuandelosReyes-1.jpg
The cloisters at Toledo, Spain's Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes -- Toldeo's Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes

 photo 31OldTown-28-tiaphotoblog.jpg
The Cherry Blossom in harbor in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, United States - Sapphire sea the sun sails like a golden galleon

 photo 09GrandTetonsStorm60-tiaphotoblog_zps7249b710.jpg
The sun through a storm of hail, thunder, lightning, and rain in Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming, United States

Peleș Castle - Transylvania, Romania - Peleș Castle...what a palace should look like!

 photo IMG_2463-tiaphotoblog_zpsc1a4ebf0.jpg
Thomas Jefferson's Serpentine Walls near the Gardens, the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, United States

 photo 71CatedraldeLaAlmudena14-1.jpg
The beyond breathtaking dome of Santa Maria la Real de la Almudena Cathedral in Madrid, Spain

 photo 2WashingtonMonument-tiaphotoblog.jpg
The Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, and the Tidal Basin with the Washington, D.C., skyline.

 photo 63SnapshotsAir-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Hot air ballooning in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains!

 photo 05YellowstoneLakeWestThumb11-tiaphotoblog_zps6434c52b.jpg
Thermal area near West Thumb on Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming, United States

Woodstock, Vermont photo 11WoodstockVermont-tiaphotoblog_zpsc6873bd9.jpg
A covered bridge in Woodstock, Vermont, United States

 photo 17BlowingRock-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains in Blowing Rock, North Carolina - Blowing Rock

The majestic snow-capped Rila Mountain, Rila Monastery - Bulgaria

 photo 11OldTown-33-tiaphotoblog.jpg
The Potomac River in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia - The Old Town Alexandria Waterfront

 photo 1LincolnMemorial-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the U.S., Washington, D.C. - the Lincoln Memorial

 photo 21BlueRidgePkwy-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Traveling along the stunning Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina - The Blue Ridge Parkway

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Favorites: The Animal Edition

In honor of the conclusion of my time in Africa, I've compiled a few of my favorite photographs over the past several years.
Here are my favorite animal photos!

For my favorite photographs of Zimbabwe: go here!!

For my favorite photographs of Senegal: go here!!

 photo 31ChobeLilac-tiaphotoblog_zpsc4d201be.jpg
A lilac breasted roller in Chobe National Park, Botswana - Hope is a Thing with Feathers

 photo 15IvoryLodgePan-tiaphotoblog_zpsc23d561b.jpg
A baby elephant of the Presidential Herd, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe - The Ivory Lodge

 photo 11ChobeCroc-tiaphotoblog_zps58f0bbd2.jpg
A crocodile sleeps on the banks of the Chobe River in Botswana - Snapshots from the River: The Chobe Crocodile

 photo 23ChobeGiraffe-tiaphotoblog_zps69899a7f.jpg
A giraffe in Chobe National Park, Botswana - The Chobe smorgasbord of animals!!

I originally captioned this photo of a donkey in Palmarin, Senegal:
"Hello, donkey, the rains must feel like a wonderful break from the heat." - Hello, donkey! Hello, pelicans! Hello, white flamingo?!

 photo 21Feeding-tiaphotoblog.jpg
A lion at Antelope Park in Gweru, Zimbabwe - ...and then the lions charged!

 photo 61ElephantHiding-tiaphotoblog_zpsd557034c.jpg
Elephants along the Chobe River, Botswana - An ode to elephants

 photo 11Boulders-tiaphotoblog.jpg
A penguin in Boulders, South Africa, on the Cape of Good Hope - Africa! Woohoo!!

 photo 31LKBird-tiaphotoblog_zps88ce3932.jpg
A bird searching for food on Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe - The Lake Kariba smorgasbord

 photo 21LionCubs-tiaphotoblog_zps6ad0248b.jpg

A herd of bison in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States - Yellowstone: Animals Part II

 photo 91SVGiraffe-tiaphotoblog.jpg
A mama giraffe in the Save Valley Conservancy, Zimbabwe - Giraffes!! (An Ode to ALDB)

 photo 11RufisqueTraffic-1.jpg
Traffic in Rufisque, Senegal, the only real road off the Cap-Vert peninsula where Dakar is located - Passing Through Rufisque

Friday, April 18, 2014

Farewell, Zimbabwe, farewell...

It is with sadness that I note my time in Zimbabwe has come to an end and this will be my last post on the beautiful country.  In honor of the wonderful experience I've had living in Harare, this post is a collection of my favorite photos from my time wandering Harare and beyond.

Curious what my favorite photographs from living in Senegal were? Go here!

Curious what my favorite animal photographs were? Go here!!

In no particular order, my favorite photographs of Zimbabwe, chosen from well over 10,000 photographs (wow!):

 photo 71ParkSky-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Hwange National Park in the rainy season - Adios, Hwange!

 photo 51ManaHippo-tiaphotoblog.jpg
A hippopotamus yawns at sunset over the Zambezi River in Mana Pools National Park - A Mana Pools Smorgasbord

 photo 11DrownedForest-tiaphotoblog_zps27eaa14e.jpg
As dusk approaches over Lake Kariba, fishermen take to the water - Sunset over a drowned forest

 photo 11VFSMorg-tiaphotoblog_zps7e38b419.jpg
Victoria Falls at Christmas time, the height of the rainy season - A Victoria Falls Christmas (Part Deux)

 photo 21HwangeSunset-tiaphotoblog_zps526b1242.jpg
Sunset in Hwange National Park - The Return to Hwange

 photo 71Chimanimani-tiaphotoblog.jpg
I originally captioned this photo: "After seeing this view in Chimanimani, I knew I had fallen in love with Zimbabwe." - Au Revoir, Chimanimani, I will return...

 photo 31Jacaranda-tiaphotoblog_zpsfc6f305c.jpg
Harare's jacarandas in bloom at sunrise - Harare in the bloom of the jacarandas

 photo 22LKSunset-tiaphotoblog_zps1aa33c68.jpg
An elephant at sunset, Lake Kariba - Take my breath away: Drowned forest sunset

 photo 51PanView-tiaphotoblog.jpg
Sunrise over the pan in Hwange National Park - The Hwange smorgasbord

 photo 72VicFallsSunRise-tiaphotoblog_zpsc9b3f9df.jpg

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